eBooking Serbia introduced a newcomer! From now First Minute, Last Minute and Arrangements


From today you have the opportunity to set up First Minute and Last Minute offers, as well as arrangements, which will make it much easier for you to work with accommodation, and for guests to make a quicker, easier and believe cheaper way to make a reservation. When booking First Minute and Last Minute, guests are not entitled to a refund, no matter what term the reservation is, and when booking, the cancellation deadline is as well as "regular" bookings. Please note that one unit of one apartment in one facility can not be combined in several different special offers.

Also, from today you can enter the names of objects and apartments, as well as the description of the object, especially in Serbian and especially in English. The current values ​​of the "English" language are Latinized Cyrillic, so we ask that you, because of you and for us, change the names of your facilities and apartments in English if you consider it necessary to be translated. On this occasion, we also ask you to pay attention to the name you use for the Serbian language. If there are English words in the name of the object that need to be Latin, please write the rest of the Cyrillic script. In case it is the full name in English, please write at least one letter that appears in Cyrillic and Latin characters (for example, a, e, o ...) with the Serbian keyboard, to be a Cyrillic letter. In this case, the name of the object will not be "translated" into Cyrillic and will be printed as you entered, in English. For example, if your room is called "De Lux Apartment" ... you can write "De Lux Apartment" in English and in the English "De Luxe Apartment" and then the text will be printed in each language. If your name is for example "Emerald Dream" and you do not want (and you do not need) to translate into Serbian then replace, for example, only one letter e or a and write the same letter, but the Cyrillic keyboard, and then the English name will be in Serbian, not like the "Emerald Dream" so far.

In case you have any uncertainties about these newspapers, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
eBooking Serbia

13 June 2019 3956 views