Guides for secure e-commerce published


State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matic, announced that the Ministry, in cooperation with USAID, published guides for e-commerce intended for citizens, on the online platform "Smart and Safe".


"The coronavirus pandemic has confirmed the need to develop e-commerce as well as the entire digital economy globally. As part of the measures and activities we are implementing to encourage safe e-shopping and raise citizens' trust in this type of trade, guides have been prepared that provide all the necessary information and advice that remove suspicions and security pitfalls of online commerce, "Matic pointed out.


She stated that the guides available at, among other things, instruct citizens on the necessary steps in this type of purchase, such as checking sellers, terms of purchase, protection of digital devices, data storage…


"Also, the guides provide practical instructions on how to pay online, but also specific explanations on consumer rights, ie obligations of traders, which are regulated by the new Law on Trade and amendments to the Law on Electronic Commerce. Among other things, the guides remind of the possibility for the citizens to change their minds within 14 days and return the goods with a refund, "said the state secretary.

4 August 2020 3530 views