Husein Memic has been reappointed as the Minister of Tourism and Youth in the new Government of the Republic of Serbia. After the ceremonial swearing-in before the parliament, Memic gave a statement about his ambitious plans and visions for further development of tourism in the country.

"I ask the Almighty God to grant me strength, knowledge, and health in the responsible position I have taken on. Thank you to Rasim Ljajic for the great trust placed in me. In the coming period, as the Minister of Tourism and Youth in the new Government of the Republic of Serbia, I will dedicate myself to the further development of our country and improving the lives of all its citizens.
After a record year in tourism, marked by significant state investments in tourism infrastructure, we are obligated to continue even more energetically. The new Government will continue to invest in tourism through projects of integrated development within the Skok u budućnost (Jump into the future) program. We expect the specialized expo EXPO 2027 to be a key driver of development in the tourism industry, as Prime Minister Milos Vucevic outlined in his exposé. In the youth sector, we will continue to implement the Action Plan in constant dialogue with young people, with the aim of keeping young people in Serbia and continuing its rapid development. The state will support young people in employment and entrepreneurship, but will also invest in the renovation and construction of spaces for young people, youth centers, clubs, and youth offices.
Before this Government are numerous projects of vital importance for the development of Novi Pazar and Sandzak, the construction of traffic infrastructure, and the continuation of the construction of the Clinical-Hospital Center.
Dedicated and with integrity, as part of the Government of Serbia, I will continue to work for the prosperity of our country, for my people and all citizens of Serbia. Through my actions, I will strive to contribute to the reputation of the party and our commitment to common progress and cooperation.
For me, a new stage begins in which experience becomes the foundation for new challenges.

In his first public appearance as minister, Memic expressed his honor for the trust given to him to lead the key sector for the country's economy. He promised to work on improving infrastructure, promoting tourist destinations, and encouraging youth tourism. He emphasized that Serbia has enormous tourist potential that needs to be exploited, and plans to promote lesser-known destinations and diversify offerings to attract diverse profiles of tourists. He also announced strengthening cooperation with international tourism organizations and developing new tourism products. When it comes to youth, he highlighted the importance of investing in their education, employment, and active participation in social life. He plans to launch various programs and initiatives to provide young people with more opportunities for personal and professional development, announcing support for youth organizations and projects that contribute to the better position of young people in society.
In conclusion, Husein Memic expresses optimism about the future of tourism and youth in Serbia. His expertise and dedication will surely contribute to further development in these sectors and creating better conditions for all citizens of the country. Serbia has a bright future in the field of tourism and youth, and Husein Memic will be a key figure in achieving these goals.

4 May 2024 1679 views